Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taking more time to open your computer?

                           Is it taking more time to open your computer?

Ans: Your PC may have much more installed software. When you open your computer then some programs runs automatically. Such as Yahoo, skype etc.  For this reason your system may took more time and you may feel bored.
So, if you want you may run your essential programs only while you open your pc to open quickly.
To do this, Please follow the instruction bellow:
1. Click Start then select Run and type”msconfig”  Click OK
2. Click Start up
3. Withdraw the TIK sign (Uncheck) from which programs you don’t want to open @ left hand.
4. Click on Service and Withdraw the TIK sign (Uncheck) from which programs are not needed every time @ Left hand and click OK.
5. Restart your pc if it request. 

Now your computer will not take too much time to open.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to remove Unnecessary Files Automatically ?

Automatic remove of Unnecessary Files?
Generally in windows you have to remove you unnecessary file but Win XP user can remove it by one click.

To do this click right button of mouse on desktop.  Select new/ text document and open a note pad then type this code:










CD Recent

Del/s /q**

Now go to File and select Save as the Named it Cleanpc.bat and save it. You will see a file on desktop “cleanpc” named .

Click twice on that file and it will work automatically to remove Temp file.

How to Clean Up Hard disk to make space in Drive?

How to Clean Up Hard disk to make space in Drive?

Some time you may see that there is supplicant space in hard disk but it shown that your hard disk is full. 
To make space: 
1.Go to My computer.
 2. Click Tools/folder option/view then "hide protected operating system files (recommended).

3. Withdraw tik and select "show hidden files and folders.
4. Now see the driver is full. 
5. See here “system volume information" folder.
6. Delete all file from this folder but not this folder self. Do same for other driver to make space.
7. After complete go to "Tools/folder option/view then "hide protected operating system files (recommended)" and select it and hide the file again.

How To Hide IP address

                     How To Hide IP address?

Ans: To hide IP address you can use many way's but common two things is:
1. Use VPN: VPN use is a easiest way to hide IP or use different IP. You can use any type of VPN provide by many company. Price of VPN depends on VPN quality. But to do some small project or simple work you can consider HMA VPN. It's very cheap. For 1 month you have to Pay only $12.

The common use instruction of PVA: Most of the VPN company has theire own login software. You just need to down load and Install then use USER NAME & PASSWORD.
2. Use Local proxy/IP: This may little bit critical but if you concentration to instruction it is very very easy.

There are different way to use proxy in Different browser, I will show you how to use proxy on Mozilla Firefox: 1. Click on Start up menu from the left corner of browse Chose "Option". 
2. Click on "Advanced"
3. Click on " Network"
4. Click on " Settings"
5. Click on " Manual  proxy configaration
6. Use your Local HTTP IP and Use port of it in the right hand point.
7. Click "OK"

CLICK HERE TO BUY World wide proxy's

Please see the Image

To check your IP/Proxy visit: www.whatismyip.com . You will see here your new IP.

Use of Prxy 

You may need to change your IP for multiple factor but commonly we south Asian guys Used it to Avoide Spamming on Uropian/American site. Specifically when we go to post forum/Comment/Article/Directory/Classified ads in Craigslist/Backpages etc site.

We may victim for our IP some time in general Causes. Now a day's when www.youtube.com is Clossed to BD IP, So, to view or to upload an important Video you may need the change /Hide IP address.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012


                                                         USE OF SHORTCUT KEY

Here I will show the use of Mozilla Firefox using shortcut Key.

a. How to open a new tab and how to Close a tab?

Ans: To open a new Tab:
Press Ctrl +T= New tab
To close a tab:
Press Ctrl +W =Close Tab

b. How to minimize Browser/window?

Ans: To Minimize Browser/window

Press Alt + Spacebar+N= Browser/window

c. How to change Tab on Firefox mozilla Firefox?

Ans: To Change tab on Mozilla firefox :

Next tab: Press Ctrl+Tab=next tab
Previous Tab:  Ctrl+Shift+Tab