Wednesday, December 12, 2012


                                                         USE OF SHORTCUT KEY

Here I will show the use of Mozilla Firefox using shortcut Key.

a. How to open a new tab and how to Close a tab?

Ans: To open a new Tab:
Press Ctrl +T= New tab
To close a tab:
Press Ctrl +W =Close Tab

b. How to minimize Browser/window?

Ans: To Minimize Browser/window

Press Alt + Spacebar+N= Browser/window

c. How to change Tab on Firefox mozilla Firefox?

Ans: To Change tab on Mozilla firefox :

Next tab: Press Ctrl+Tab=next tab
Previous Tab:  Ctrl+Shift+Tab

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  1. You shows how many things but I need to know how to close any window....Can you help regarding this Issue please? Thanks USE OF SHORTCUT KEY